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General Terms and Conditions & Show Rules Dutch Paint Horse Club (DPHC)

According to Dutch common law SMOKING is PROHIBITED in all public spaces. This includes also the stables, warm-up- and show arena.

The show office will be open the evening before the contest from 19:00 until 20:30. On show days the office will open 1 hour before commencement. Payment can only be accepted in cash, no pin or credit card is available. Please take exact moneys with you when paying in cash. It is possible to pay in advance per bank transfer. (bank details are printed on the invoice). Bank payment must be made at least 2 working days before the first show date. Use of the warm-up arena is possible the evening before the show date from 18:00 until 22.00 and on show dates before the show and will be determined per show. Use of the show arena is only possible with permission of the Doorman and if possible within the show program.
Exhibitors must be an APHA member to participate in official APHA classes. We will check this, please make sure you have your membership card(s) with you. To start in an (Novice-)Amateur class you must also have a valid (Novice-)Amateur card. Both the valid APHA membership and (Novice-)Amateur card may be applied for at the show. If you cannot show a valid APHA card you will be obligated to buy a temporary card at the show. All owner of Paint horses must have a valid APHA membership.

The show secretary retains the sole right to make changes in the program if deemed necessary (if possible and and according to APHA rules) and to combine classes or annul classes with less than 2 entries. If there are not enough entries for the show, the DPHC management retains the right to cancel a show at least 48 hours before the first show date. Already paid entry fees will be refunded.

Valid Passport and Equine Influenza vaccination for all horses
The transponder number must be mentioned in the passport. It may be printed or it may be a sticker. An official stamp of the issuer must be placed over the sticker. All horses must have received an initial Primary Course of two vaccination doses administered a minimum of 21 and a maximum of 92 days apart. You may not start between an initial course. Foals should begin the primary course of vaccination at 6 months of age. It is under the owners’ responsibility if they are shown before the primary course of vaccination is complete.  The First Booster must be given within 7 calendar months following the date of administration of the second vaccination of the primary course.  Further booster vaccinations must be given within 12 months of the last dose. Vaccination must be given at least 6 days prior to the day of arrival at our event.  Vaccines must be administered by a veterinarian. The details of the vaccine, serial/batch number must be recorded in the passport, signed and stamped by the veterinarian who administered the vaccination. The entering of vaccination details in a new passport or a duplicate: if the vaccination history of a horse is very long, the veterinarian may use the following statement “The vaccination history of this horse is correct to date ……(enter the last vaccination date)”, signed and stamped by a veterinarian.

Safety and responsibilities 
During the show a farrier and a veterinarian will be on call. First Aid (BHV) will be available at the showground. When an APHA members, non-members, exhibitors, trainers, owners, owner’s representatives, spectators, and all other persons present on the show grounds or in show facilities, show any type of unsportsmanlike conduct or irresponsible conduct or any other form of misconduct, that is illegal, indecent, profane, intimidating, threatening, harassing, or abusive is prohibited, as is the inhumane treatment of horses, the show manager can immediately expel the offender(s) from show grounds or show facilities in order to preserve the decorum of the show and shall file a written report with APHA concerning the transaction. Entry and other fees will not be refunded. In case of unforeseen circumstances in which these rules do not anticipate all final decisions will be made by the DPHC show manager. The organization (DPHC) nor the owner of the property accept any liability for loss, damage or theft of horses or property of participants, exhibitors and/or visitors, or for any injury or death of a participant, horse or rider during the entire duration of the competition including the arrival at and departure from the contest site and immediate area. There will be no security at the grounds so guard your own property.

Cancellations entry
In case of entire cancellation, minimum 72 hours before commencement of the show, or so much earlier in the event stables/boxes needs to be ordered, only the office fee will be charged. If the participant did not notify us in time, then the full charges will be invoiced. With a valid reason and doctors- or veterinarian statement, minimum 24 hours before commencement of the show, only the stable fees and office charges will be invoiced. If the participant is not able to submit the doctors or veterinarians declaration referred to in a timely manner or did not notify us in time, then the full charges will be invoiced.

The Contest
The participants are responsible to enter the competition arena on time. Also keep in mind that not all classes will be held, for example, because there are no entries for those classes. The order of the classes at subscription and/or program doesn't need to be the final order in which the classes will be held. Small changes are possible, these will be communicated. Wearing a start number and a cap/western hat in the warmup- and show arena is mandatory. The organization reserves the right to (let) carry out doping control at all times. Showing with unauthorized equipment/tack is not allowed and will result in exclusion from the show, without refund of fees paid for participation or boxes. No discussion is possible regarding the condition or soil type of the show arena. This also applies to the warmup arena.

The boxes are one-off provided with ground cover. If additional ground cover and/or hay can be bought on the spot this will be indicated at subscription. Manure may only be deposited in the appropriate manure container. If a deposit is requested at subscription for box rent then you need clean and/or empty your box before deprture. After checking, the stable master gives you a voucher so that you can recover your deposit at the show office (take your own manure fork etc. in order to avoid waiting). Tack boxes are only possible if there are sufficient boxes available. Please indicate at subscription if you want to stand next to a stable mate. 

Camping: (if applicable)
The camp site may only be accessed by camping card holders. The camping card needs to be attached visible to the tent or caravan. Only one car per tent/caravan allowed. Power may only be connected to the aggregate. It is strictly prohibited to link to extension cords to prevent fire and damage. Damage that is suffered by linking extension cords will be recovered. It is also forbidden to use your own power pack/aggregate. If there are shower and toilets available, please keep them clean. At the last show day you have to departure before 19: 00hr.

Conditions DPHC Classes:

DC-100.    DPHC classes

Leadline, Walk-Trot, In Hand Trail (IHT), Youth, Futurity/Maturity and the Jackpot (JCP) classes, all marked on the entry form with code D-, are show classes issued by the DPHC.

Starting in the year 2021 the DPHC classes, with the exception of the Futurity/Maturity, will be open for "Western" breeds. By doing so, we wish to lower the barrier for participation in DPHC shows and especially offer youth and starting amateur competitors the possibility to enter earlier, make the competition more attractive and promote the flow to APHA classes. We are a breed association and stand for promoting the American Paint Horse. Participation with a horse of another "Western" breed is subject to restrictions (for details see rule DC-101).

All DPHC classes will be ridden according to the APHA rulebook. Exceptions are specified below.

DC-101.    General Rules

  1. With the exception of Futurity/Maturity, the DPHC classes are so-called "Westernbreed" classes. This means that one may compete with a horse registered with the APHA, AQHA, ApHC or DAWRA, which has to be proven by submitting a copy of the Certificate of Registration when registering for a show.
  2. The horse does not have to be owned by the rider or his/her family. Because DPHC classes are not APHA approved, the points you earn do not count towards APHA points and awards.
  3. To participate in DPHC classes one must be a member of the DPHC, with the exception of Leadline participants.
  4. Wearing an approved safety helmet is mandatory in DPHC riding classes with the exception of the Jackpot classes and the Futurity/Maturity. For Youth, wearing an approved safety helmet is mandatory until 14 years of age (age per January 1 of the year in question). Thereafter, this can be deviated from by means of a statement signed by parent(s), caregiver(s) or guardian. This statement is available at the showsecretary.
  5. The minimum age to participate in DPHC classes is 9 years (age on January 1st of the year in question), with the exception of the Leadline which is intended for the very youngest participants.
  6. In all DPHC classes competing with a stallion is not allowed, with the exception of the Jackpot classes and the Futurity/Maturity.
  7. The horse's appearance, the rider's rein and the clothing of the rider/accompanist must be in accordance with APHA rules. See respectively Rule SC-240, SC-195.A, SC-200.A and Rule SC-235.
  8. As a combination, you will only be eligible for the Year End Highpoint Awards (YEPHA), the DPHC All-around Champion (per division), the title of Dutch Champion, any Circuit Champion Buckles or other Awards made available by the DPHC if your horse is a registered American Paint Horse.
  9. In case of riding another western breed than a registered American Paint Horse the same rider/horse combination is allowed to compete in the same division for a maximum of 1 (calendar) year. For example: rider A with Appaloosa B starts in year 1 in the Walk-Trot division. In year 2 rider A with Appaloosa B is not allowed to compete in this division anymore. However, Rider A may start another horse in the Walk-Trot division or start with Appaloosa B in another division (e.g. DPHC Jeugd).

DC-102.    Lead Line.

  1. This class is intended for the very youngest participants. The acquired age is 3 to 8 years old (age on 1 January of the year in question).
  2. Membership of the DPHC is not obligatory.
  3. Wearing an approved safety helmet is mandatory.
  4. A body protector may be worn.
  5. The combination will be accompanied by a person on foot of at least 18 years of age or older (age as per 1 January of the relevant year).
  6. Clothing of both handler and rider must be in accordance with APHA rules.
  7. The horse is equipped with the usual western tack. Extra short children's stirrups may be used. Under the bridle is a halter with leadline. The handler will walk on the left side of the horse and hold the leadline in his right hand with the end in the left hand.
  8. The rider will be judged on general body posture in the saddle. Position of the hands, legs, feet in the stirrups, seat and back.
  9. Competitors may start on two hands regardless of the age of the horse, provided that the horse is shown in a snaffle bit or bosal. If the horse is equipped with a bit (shanks and chin strap), the horse must be shown with one hand.
  10. The participants are asked to walk and trot in both directions on a circle around the judge(s). Then line up on a straight line and take a few steps backwards while the handler is not allowed to help. He/she is only there to control the horse if necessary.
  11. APHA Rule YP-105 shall be applied for this class.

DC-103.    Walk-Trot.

  1. To participate one must be a member of the DPHC.
  2. The use of an approved safety helmet is mandatory for all participants in this division.
  3. Only participants with an APHA Novice Amateur -, APHA Novice Youth -, APHA Walk-Trot Card or participants with a similar status with the APHA, AQHA, ApHC, DAWRA or other Western association may participate in the Walk-Trot division.
  4. Classes in this division will be judged like their equivalent classes in the other divisions with the exception that the lope/canter will not be asked for.
  5. Competitors are allowed to start on 2 hands regardless of the horse's age, provided that the horse is shown in a snaffle bit or bosal. If the horse is equipped with a bit (shanks and chin strap) it must be shown with one hand.
  6. Walk-Trot participants are not allowed to compete in any other riding class during the same competition but are allowed to compete in all (also APHA approved) "in hand" classes with the exception of the DPHC In Hand Trail class.
  7. There is no restriction to the Walk-Trot classes. This means that there is no point limit and that you can always start in this division if you meet the requirements. You are only allowed to switch from Walk-Trot division to Novice Amateur/Amateur division or Novice Youth/Youth division once per calendar year.
  8. A horse entered in the DPHC Walk-Trot division may not be entered by more than one competitor in the same class at the same show. For example: you are competing in the Walk-Trot Trail and someone else wants to compete in the Walk-Trot Trail with the same horse. This is not allowed. What is allowed is that you compete in the Walk-Trot Pleasure and someone else competes in the Walk-Trot Trail with the same horse. You can also compete in the Walk-Trot Trail and someone else competes in the Novice Amateur/Amateur Trail with the same horse (because these classes are not combinable).
  9. APHA Rule AM-300 and YP-110 are used for this class.

DC-104.    In Hand Trail.

  1. This class (D-IHT3) is meant for horses 3 years and older during multipleday shows organised by the DPHC. During one day shows, this class will be available as "All Ages" class (D-IHT).
  2. The same horse may only be entered once in the In Hand Trail class at the same show.
  3. A course over poles will be executed with the horse in hand. The horse that performs smoothly and willingly through the course while being alert, making a willing impression and following the rider's aids will score highest. Penalties will be awarded for various faults.
  4. Participants in the In Hand Trail (D-IHT(3)) class may compete in other DPHC and/or APHA approved (riding) classes during the same competition with the exception of any other Trail riding class.
  5. The IHT rules as known by the APHA will be followed. See APHA Rule SC-192.

DC-105.    Jeugd.

  1. These classes are intended for everyone from 9 to 18 years of age (age on 1 January of the year in question).
  2. Different classes will be organised. These will be judged according to the rules as known by the APHA for the class in question.
  3. Participants may start on 2 hands regardless of the horse's age, provided that the horse is shown in a snaffle bit or bosal. If the horse is equipped with a bit (shanks and chin strap) it must be shown with one hand.
  4. The rules as known by the APHA for Novice Youth and Youth classes will be applied (see APHA Rule YP-245 and YP-000 onwards).

DC-106.    Futurity/Maturity.

  1. These classes are organized by the DPHC as part of the SSA to promote breeding of the American Paint Horse in the Netherlands.
  2. Participants must be a member of the DPHC. Also the owner of the horse must be a member of the DPHC.
  3. In all Futurity/Maturity classes the relevant rules for that specific class apply from the APHA rulebook.
  4. For all other conditions and rules, please refer to the SSA General Conditions and Rules.

DC-107.    Jackpot (JCP).

  1. A Jackpot class will be judged according to the APHA rules for the specific Open class with regards to appearance, equipment, rein handling and scoring. (See APHA Rule SC-104.)
  2. Payment of prize money will be determined per show and class and depends on the number of participants (starting money) and 'added money'. A minimum of 80% of the total entry fees will be paid + the possible full prize money (added money). This will be divided on a scale from place 1 to 6.

Version 1, March 2021

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